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Saint Peter’s Basilica
Located within the Vatican city in Rome, St Peter’s is one of the largest
churches in the world. Saint Peter was one of Jesus’s twelve apostles and
he was executed in AD 64 as a martyr.  

It is believed (and their is good evidence to confirm) that his remains are
buried beneath what is now the alter of the great church.
The Basilica that exists today was built between the years 1506 and 1626.
(120 years!) This is the second one to be built in this location after the
first (Old) Basilica, which was built between AD 319 and 333, had been
neglected and was in bad repair.

In 1547, then at 70 years of age, Michelangelo became in charge of
the building program and continued with the original design of Bramante.
This design was for the church to be in the shape of a Greek cross with
an enormous dome which was conceived to be “The greatest dome in

It also houses Michelangelo’s infamous statue: The Pieta
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The Spanish Steps
Also located in Rome, this monumental stairway of 135 steps was built  
in 1723–1725, linking the Bourbon Spanish Embassy, and the
Trinità dei Monti church that was under the patronage of the Bourbon
kings of France, both located above — to the Holy Sea in Palazzo
Monaldeschi located below.

During Christmas time a 19th-century crib is displayed on the first landing
of the staircase. During May, part of the steps are covered by pots of azaleas.
In modern times the Spanish Steps have included a small cut-flower market.

We have designed a tombstone based on the Spanish steps not only for their
fame and elegance but also because we feel that steps leading to a church
is very symbolic. Especially as a memorial, it can be representative of a stairway
to a final holy resting place or to Heaven.
The Sistine Chapel
This renowned chapel is located right next to St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican
City. In addition to Christmas and Easter Day masses, it is most famously
used as the place from which a new Pope is elected.

Every available space within the chapel is richly decorated and constant silence
is requested of visitors as they enter and gaze up at the magnificent ceiling
painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.
The main part of the ceiling depicts 9 scenes from the book of Genesis. The
most famous of these is in the centre and is called the Creation of Adam.
This scene has God and Adam each reaching an arm out to the other and
their fingers almost touching.
Another enormous painting by Michelangelo covers most of the wall behind the
altar of the chapel and is named The Last Judgement. This depicts the second
coming of Christ as he judges the souls of humanity.
We have put these beautiful and important paintings into the design of the
tombstone in the form of glass photographs which are attached to the ceiling
and headstone in the positions they appear within the chapel.

Large Images... Ceiling painting,  The Last Judgement painting
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The Papal Alter            The Pieta           The  Pantheon
Following our recent trip to Rome and Venice, we were overwhelmed by the beauty and the religious and historical significance of
many of it’s world famous buildings. The churches, monuments and fountains, most of which are made from marble and granite
inspired us to design new tombstones for what we call:    THE ITALIAN COLLECTION