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So often we want to tell our loved one how we miss them , and personally I do this by praying, but sometimes you want to share you thoughts with others.
I feel sharing with people who are experiencing similar feelings or situations can be helpful - not only to you but to others around you.
So I decided to start our “messages Of Love” page, where anyone can write about their loved one, a message, a thought, anything that you feel like sharing.
All you have to do is use the form below and submit, and I will post it on this page for you to read whenever you feel. It can be done anonymously if you wish.
This is a space just for you, so please feel free to submit your message of love!
A Grandmother’s Love
I wish we had more time
You were there the one minute, and gone the next.
You were so healthy, you had beaten the cancer and you
Lived life to the fullest. I will never forget that sunday
Morning we got the call, we raced to the hospital to
Get to you, but we were too late. We lost a brother,
An uncle and a son that day. Every time a motorbike
Comes flying past me on the highway I still hold my
Breath and grip the steering wheel.
I know you wanted to always go out in a blaze of
Glory, but that day our family changed forever.
I miss you and dad having a few beers on the
Weekend, listening to you tell your silly jokes, or
The best hearing you play your guitar. I still have
Your guitar, I often sit and look at it and remember
The uncle I miss so much.
I wanted you to stay for so much longer, I wanted you to
See me walk down the aisle and hold my child in
Your arms. I wanted so much more time with you.
I have only the beautiful memories we shared together
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Always with me
so many memories makes me think of you,
i will keep them in my heart forever.i wish i could hold you
in my arms,but i feel you around me all time.
i know you in heaven with god.
i love you siyabonga kiyose and may your soul
rest in peace until we meet again

By: Nompumelelo Mkhize