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Natascha lost two of their beloved cats two years ago,

and going through the process has made me

realise that remembering our pets is also art of the healing process.

I was offered the option of receiving their ashes back, which I decided to do, so I was able to

bury them at home, so they would always be with me.

I have decided to place a plaque for each in a special spot in our garden, where I am able to visit them.

When a beloved pet, who is part of your family passes away, they take a piece of your heart with them,

and when we decided we wanted to do this for our babies, we realised that others might

Want to do the same. We have now been offering this service for the last two years,and we have done many

Plaques for beloved fur babies, even sending them as Far as Cape Town.

We know offer quite an extensive range of plaques for beloved pets.

Pet Memorials Email us for more information
fmntmail@gmail.com HOME PAGE
Pet Plaque with laser engraved photo
and message.
Pet Plaque beautiful message and
Modern pet plaque with large
Sandblasted graphic.
Pet Plaque with laser engraved photo.
Pet Plaque with beautiful wording, a little butterfly and laser photo.
Heart shaped pet plaque with
Laser engraved photo and stand.
Pet memorial Paver
Available in standard sizes and colours
Pet grave marker
Place your beloved pet’s ashes in this new
Pet remembrance urn.
Fully waterproof. Ideal for creating a garden
of remembrance.
Customised full colour lid, or black
Granite laser engraved lid.
180 x 180 x 110 mm high HOME PAGE