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We create truly beautiful tombstones for truly amazing and unique people. Email us on fmntmail@gmail.com for more information! Contact Us Placing of mosaic
Tiles on nylon
  Mosaics have been around for centuries, such as the Villa Romana
del Casale in Sicily and some mosaics date back to the 4th century BC.  Needless to
say mosaics are hardwearing and stand up to the varied climate of our beautiful
country. The mosaics are placed on a nylon webbing and then cemented onto
the memorial. This ensures that the mosaic will be there for many years to come.

The possibilities are absolutely endless! Our resident artist, Natascha, has a degree in
Fine Arts and will be able to assist you in your requirements.
We have created a few examples of mosaic decorations that can be placed onto a
tombstone to add that loving touch. Each design is handcrafted, and no two designs
will be the same. A work of art especially for your loved one.
The beauty of these mosaic designs is that they can also be placed onto existing
tombstones if you are looking to upgrade or restore a memorial.
We not only can create individual designs, but we can create panels that can be fixed
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Email us if you would like to create a mosaic for you!