tombstones help centre This section assists you with information pertaining to the processes of placing a tombstone on a grave, unveiling, Types of tombstones and information about dealing with loss. tombstone designs HEADSTONE ON BASE HEADSTONE ON KERBS TOMBSTONE OPTIONS tombstones OPTIONS headstone on base A common section in many cemeteries where by a headstone on baseblock. The design is limited to  Having to fit on a rectangular base. In this type of section there is usually a height restriction. headstone on kerbs headstone on full slab Lastly, a tombstone can be covered completely. This is where a “slab” of granite is place over the “Frame”, The whole of The type of memorial is low maintenance. The slab can be used to place additional messages, poems, or coloured Engraved graphics. HEADSTONE ON FULL  SLAB What is an unveiling? obtaining permission from the cemetery