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Obtaining Permission from the Cemetery

Struggling to deal with
the loss of a loved one?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help
The Compassionate Friends
are a support group for
bereaved parents,
siblings and grandparents

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Helping with Loss

Being a friend or family member to someone who has lost someone, can be a
very difficult thing to cope with. Many do not know how to respond or how
to be there for them. Here are a few ideas that can possibly help you.

Remember that you are in their life because they love you and value your
friendship in their lives. Friendship is not only for good times, but helping you both
weather the storms of life and loss.

Words are not always needed, even sitting with them in their need, or having a cup of tea
or helping them cope with day to day chores. Cooking a meal or just holding
them when they cry. If you want to express how you feel and that you want  to
Be there for them, but cant find the words, why not write them a letter to express
to them want them to know.

A very helpful website and support group facility is :

More Support Group Websites