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We create truly beautiful tombstones for truly amazing and unique people. Email us on fmntmail@gmail.com for more information! Contact Us Welcome to our Expert Advice Section
At Forget me not Tombstones we believe that everyone should be provided with the correct information and procedures
when selecting and purchasing a memorial. We have launched this  free service because we have had many clients
that have come to us  because  have been given incorrect information or advice by other tombstone providers and
this can cause countless problems and is completely unnecessary when you are doing something so important
for your loved one.

Below are a few questions that you might want to ask us or get more information on. This is a completely FREE service
and you are under no obligation what so ever to purchase a memorial from us.
We want to assist in helping you make an informed decision when purchasing a tombstone.
How long should you wait until you place a memorial onto a grave?
Do you know the regulations that you need to adhere to according to the cemetery and section the grave is?
Why select granite for a memorial?
What is a permit and how do I obtain one?
Is theft or vandalism a concern I need to be aware of in the cemetery I want to install a memorial into?
Can’t find a grave? Please feel free to email us and we will assist you!
Please feel free to email us your questions, please include the cemetery name in your inquiry in order for us
to assist you more efficiently.
REMEMBER - Always use a reputable business who is established and has a good track record