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We feel that it is our duty as a responsible Tombstone manufacturer that we need to open, honest and transparent with all our clients.
All our prices are all inclusive. We have had many clients coming to us from other companies saying to us that the price that they were
given by them was not all inclusive.
Therefore we would like to urge you to get as much information on the services that ALL tombstone suppliers offer. When receiving a
Quote from any memorial manufacturer that they specify what it includes.

When purchasing a tombstone you need to make sure that the price includes the following:

* Vat

* Wording / Engraving (often companies give you a restriction of 100 words and then charge per letter after this,
however here at Forget me not Tombstones you are entitled to AS MANY  words and graphics as you  require - no restriction)

* Installation in the JHB area

* An added service we offer is 100 free colour handmade unveiling invitations made to your specifications.

Another important point to consider is there are three grades of granite available on the market. The grades are graded as follows:

* 1st grade granite - export quality (highest quality available)
* 2nd grade granite - has a degree of imperfections, cracks and fissures in the stone
* 3rd grade granite - has a greater degree of imperfections, cracks and fissures in the stone

When obtaining a quotation from a tombstone supplier, ask  what grade of granite that they supply. Here at Forget me not Tombstones
All our tombstones are of the finest quality - we use only 1st grade granite.

This is another way that we are assisting you  in purchasing the perfect memorial for your loved one - one of quality and beauty that will
stand the test of time.
Here at Forget me not Tombstones we offer quality tombstones and fair and affordable prices.

I hope that this information has been useful and that you are more equipped so you can make an informed decision and for you to get the
best value for money.
For more detailed information Being informed when selecting a tombstone, please click here to go to our blog post
By forgetmenot tomb